Sacred Vaginal Steam/ Womb Healing
Sacred Vaginal Steam/ Womb Healing
Sacred Vaginal Steam/ Womb Healing

Sacred Vaginal Steam/ Womb Healing

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V-Steaming / Yoni Steaming

A women’s sacred place. Embrace all emotions, traumas , physical sensation and shame that is present in your sacred place.

4 oz / 3 steams / $20

8 oz / 6 steams / $29

16 oz / 12 steams / $49



Nourishes the body

Helps to treat infections 

Connects Spiritually 

Heals reproductive system

Enhances fertility 

Helps with fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, Uterine weakness, uterine prolapse 

Treats chronic yeast infections

Balance PH 

Regulates periods

Increase Libido

Relieves symptoms of menopause 

Helps with dryness

quickens childbirth healing 

Detoxifies uterus


Due to the warmth of the steam, the blood rush to your clitoris can be stimulating and orgasmic. 


Not recommended to steam on period or pregnant!

Customer Reviews

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10 stars

I purchased 6 Steams
I hadn’t a period in 3 months because of my pcos everytime I would start gaining weight my period would stop coming. I gave 2Fruits Wellness Sacred Vaginal Herbs a try. 4 weeks later (TMI) I started bleeding. YESSSSS THERE IS A GOD!!! At first I was confused if it was my period because it was light. 2 days later, it got heavier. Ordering more and referring my sister who suffers with fibroids.

Very Relaxin

After 3 steams my period returned to normal!!! I was experiencing very heavy long periods for the past 5 years after giving birth. One period lasts as long as 15 days!! After steaming my last period lasted 5-7 days and I hardly had any PMS symptoms, clotting or heavy bleeding!!! THIS IS REAL WOMB MAGIC.


I did my first yoni steam last night. I must say it was very relaxing. I felt all the day's woes just slip away. The aroma is amazing! I would recommend this to anyone who has a womb!!